Rollerski Safety Rules & Tips

Rollerski Safety Rules – adopted from rules set forth by the Norway Ski Federation, Norway Ski Skating Federation, the Norwegian Road Administration, and Safe Traffic. Rules have been adjusted for Alaska. 

  1. To work out on roads with traffic, you need to be a skilled rollerskier. This is especially relevant for braking and turning.
  2. Children under 15 should practice on bike paths and low traffic roads.
  3. Stay on the right side of the road while roller skiing.
  4. Only workout in places that you know well, and avoid heavy traffic, dangerous descents, sharp turns and intersections.
  5. Clearly signal when turning or stopping so cars can anticipate your actions.
  6. Always wear reflective and high-visibility clothing.
  7. Always wear a helmet and eye protection.
  8. Avoid listening to music while rollerskiing on active roads as it reduces your ability to hear traffic.
  9. Check equipment before starting a workout.
  10. Follow traffic rule

What Should you Wear?

One of the key components of being safe while rollerskiing is making sure you have the proper safety gear and clothing.

  1. Always wear reflective and high-visibility clothing.
  2. Always wear a helmet and eye protection.

Some Optional, but highly encouraged gear also includes:

  1. Gloves
  2. Flexible Knee Pads
  3. Flexible Elbow Pads
  4. Shorts with Hip Pads

Are You A Rollerski Beginner?

Our coaches always get asked: “How do I start trying this without hurting myself?” Having some tips for starting out is always helpful!

  1. Practice exiting pavement onto grass without falling
  2. Practice Breaking techniques and become familiar with how to slow down before venturing into more advanced terrain
  3. Practice agility on skis in a safe environment like an empty parking lot before venturing anywhere where you’re likely to interact with others (pedestrians or cars).