General Frequently Asked Questions

Cold Weather Policy

Temperature check-in:
Kincaid: Kincaid Weather Station
Hillside: We will use the Karl Eid Ski Jumps at Hilltop Weather Station. Last year we used the Service High School Station. If Service HS Station does not appear, split the difference between Campbell Creek Science Center and Upper Hillside.

Check- in Time:

  • Grom’s: 5:00 PM
  • Devo’s: 4:00 PM
  • Juniors: 2:00 PM for 3:30 training and 4:00 PM for 5:15 training
  • Noon Masters: 11:00 AM
  • Evening Masters: 5:00 PM
  • Women’s One-Day: 5:00 PM
  • Elite: 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM

Temperature Guidelines:

  • Groms & Devo’s: Training will be held at temperatures 5F and above. Below 5F training is cancelled.
  • Juniors: Training will be held at temperatures 0F and above. Between 0F and 5F training is low intensity at L1. Below 0F training is cancelled.
  • Master’s and Elite: Group training will be held at temperatures 0F and above. Between 0F and 5F training is within intensity L1 to L3. Below 0F official training is cancelled. From 0 to – 6F training easy distance L1 and ‘on own’. The policy is designed to encourage safe and enjoyable ski training.

Our model mirrors the Norwegian Ski Federations recommendations and the FIS (International Ski Federation) guidelines. The temperature cut-off we have set is to minimize cold weather injuries both with frost bite and cold induced respiratory injury, including ‘exercise induced’ asthma and increased respiratory infection. For your reference, we’ve attached a PDF document from the FIS website. (International Ski Federation). The document is part of the FIS Medical Committee Educational Series and it is written by Professor MD PhD Inggard Lereim who is the Vice-Chairmen of the FIS Medical Committee. Her article is titled Sport at Low Temperatures-Prevention of cold injuries in snow sports.

Cold Weather Tips:

  • Layer clothing. Always better to bring a little more than less. Extra jackets can always be stashed at intersections.
  • Always wear a hat.
  • Buffs, neck warmers, and balaclava work great.
  • Remove exposed jewelry, especially earrings.
  • Ski overboots help keep the feet warm.
Air Quality Policy

As aerobic athletes, we breathe a lot. We may be more sensitive and potential harmful effects of poor quality can be magnified. It’s important that we consider the air quality before training. If air pollutants such as forest fire smoke degrade air quality, practices may be adjusted.

Alaska’s DEC Division of Air Quality monitors air quality in Anchorage – however, pollutants may be localized away from these monitoring stations.

If air quality is “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” at the Garden (Airport Heights) or Laurel (Midtown) sites and air quality is believed to be similar or worse at training locations, practices will be moved or canceled to avoid training in that air. The basis for that is we are sensitive when we are training at elevated respiratory levels.

If air quality is “Good” or “Moderate” at the Garden or Laurel sites, the Coaches will still use their best judgment to perhaps relocate or cancel practice. If air pollutants are significant enough to cause adverse affects (e.g. sore throat, coughing, etc.) when training, practice will be relocated to a better air quality location or cancelled.

If possible, forewarning of possible changes will be announced 24 hours before affected practices that will including a final announcement time to check in at. Final relocation or cancellations will be announced at least two hours before scheduled practice.

Program Discounts

APU Nordic Ski Center offers discounts to individuals and families interested in joining out program! Please reference the list below to see who is eligible.

Active Duty Military – 10%

APU Partner Discount – 20% 

APU Staff & Faculty – 20%

Family Discounts

The APU Nordic Ski Center encourages family participation and we want to help reduce the financial burden for families with multiple members. Many of our member-families already take advantage, and we hope you can as well!

Our Family Discount is as follows:

  • After purchasing two year-round memberships, all additional memberships are half price.
  • Additional memberships include add-on, and seasonal programs such as mountain running, Tour Group, and Women’s 1-Day.

To register, please click here.

To take advantage of this program, please email or reach out to one of our head coaches to be set up with a coupon code for registration.