Founded in 1959, Alaska Pacific University is a small liberal arts college on a 170-acre wooded campus, connected to the coast and the mountains by more than 120 miles of city trails. Located on the land of the Dena’ina people, APU is federally recognized as an Alaska Native-serving institution and embeds Indigenous knowledge in all its courses and programs.

The university offers dozens of degree programs to meet the needs of Alaska. Intentionally small class sizes underscore APU’s commitment to a world-class, hands-on, culturally responsive educational experience. APU prides itself on active learning and flexible schedules, including both online and in-person classes.”

APU Nordic Ski Center’s affiliation with Alaska Pacific University provides a unique opportunity for elite athletes to strive for their competitive goals while studying as a full-time student.

APU Nordic Ski Center is not an NCAA affiliated program which offers athletes the ability to train year-round with the program and take classes with a flexible schedule that is supportive of their educational goals. Available to our skiers is the early honors program for High School seniors and the ability to earn an undergraduate and/or graduate degree.

Visit for more information about the educational opportunities at Alaska Pacific University.

Sponsorship & Housing Opportunities

There are a variety of housing options and scholarship opportunities available for incoming and current students. APU Nordic Elite Team athletes have the opportunity to live in the “Ski House” located on campus supporting the needs for housing alongside your teammates.

Alaska Pacific University provides a supportive learning structure and works with your schedule to allow for daily training and travel for racing as a competitive elite skier.

Please reference the 2020-2021 Alaska Pacific University Annual Report that reviews scholarships, stories from students and features APU Nordic Ski Center’s Hunter Wonders who received the Jim and Dee Mahaffey Ski Scholarship in 2021-2022.

“The reason I chose to coach at APU is because it allows me to work with my athletes year-round.”

Erik Flora

Program Director and Head Coach

Kikkan Randall and Coach Erik Flora at the 2018 Olympics, in Pyeong Chang. Photo courtesy of Flying Point Road.

“I love studying at Alaska Pacific University because it has allowed me to simultaneously chase academic and athletic goals at the same time. Thank you for making it possible!”

Sadie Bjornsen

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Business Administration, class of 2015 and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, class of 2021

Elite Team

“It’s been a journey, with a lot of adventures along the way, but I’m looking forward to earning my business degree later this year!”

Kikkan Randall

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, class of 2021

Kikkan Randall in the Womens XC Relay at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

“Thanks, APUNSC and Alaska Pacific University for giving me the chance to keep my brain sharp and follow my dreams all at once.”

Rosie Brennan

Master of Arts in Education, class of 2017

Elite Team