Good rides bad back

Other than my back throwing out for no good reason the past ten do or so have been a awesome. The back has mainly made it so I cannot run, but i’ve been able to ride okay.

Over the weekend Jess and I made the 90 minute drive to Salida and checked out some rad trails there. Salida is pretty sweet! Dispersed camping so close to town and a ton of great running and riding to be had. We saw some live music and got groovy with the locals who came to support the band.

We got some moisture the past week as well! As much as I want some hot summer weather, the rain and snow was super good for the trails around here. Things were getting loose and dusty before the storm came through.

The back is healing up and life has been pretty good otherwise. This spring I’ve found a pretty good routine of work and exercise so I really cannot complain. I’ll keep doing my back exercises so the next report includes lots of running miles.