APU Member Testimonial – Jeremy Littell

Jeremy Littell at Besh Cup. Photo by Michael Dineen

“I grew up in Anchorage and raced cross country skiing in middle and high school. Ski racing became a secondary pastime for me after that, though I dabbled in the citizen racing scene in southeastern Washington, Bozeman, MT and Seattle. I grew tired of driving hours to ski, much less race, and of continuing to blindly try to discover ways forward on my ski technique and training. I moved back here with my family in 2012, in part because I missed skiing enough that it factored into my decision of where else I might want to live and work. When we moved back, I discovered APU Nordic Ski Center through a friend, and I started with the Masters’ program that fall. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the program since then, and particularly value that all our coaches, from Devos through Masters and Elites, are willing to invest their knowledge in each of us so we get out of skiing what we want. Whether you just want to be able to ski efficiently or you are aiming for a local, state, or international podium, you are welcome and the APU coaches have something for you. My daughter decided a couple years ago that she wanted to join the Devos program, and it has been incredibly positive to have her learning from Galen Johnston and skiing with other kids with a variety of abilities and goals. She’s really liked skiing with the friends she’s made there. I love that we have Devos starting at 11 or 12 years old and Masters pushing or exceeding 80 out there on the trails most days. And on days when it comes time to go fast, the blue pin striped suits are out there spanning the age groups. I think with most things in life, you get out what you put in, but the APU program seems to have hired (or grown!) coaches that encourage and help us get considerably more out of ourselves than we otherwise might, and they’re willing to work with us to define those goals ourselves. I also think each of the coaches I’ve worked with since 2012 have been willing to work with me to help me get more out of my skiing than I thought possible. I never felt as though my questions would be met with anything other than a positive answer, though sometimes they have been clear there is no right answer except the one you find yourself.” -Jeremy Littell APU Nordic Ski Center Masters Program