World Champs 2023!!

After the Birkie I took one chiller of a day in the Midwest before flying to Slovenia on Monday. The travel was surprisingly well and when I arrived in Slovenia around 8am on Tuesday I went directly to the race venue. It was nice to be forced to walk around learn the layout to the venue. I also got to watch our US girls crush it in the 10km Skate and see our first World Champion in that event dominate in person. So impressive!!

I got a few easy days in before racing the 50km classic. The jet lag didn’t seem to bother me this trip and I felt pretty recovered from the Birkie by Friday.

The race kind of had a steady grinder of a pace from the gun. It was the ideal set up for me as my prep this season has me feeling fit but probably lacking the ability for several big pace changes or surges. I ended up 22nd, which I’m happy with, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t believe I could have done much better with a few aspects of the race falling in my favor- untimely broken pole being one aspect. But I cannot complain as I’m truly just so stoked to be back over here with my buddies skiing every day!

Before I return to Steamboat I have one more race. The big one on the World Cup circuit— the 50km skate at Holmenklllen. So stoked. This is my favorite race and a race I have yet to knock out of the park. Each time I do it I walk away with a lot of lessons- i’ll be reviewing my old training logs (I doubt I really wrote any notes other than ‘boxed’ or ‘gotta improve my climbing’). Saturday will deff test what fitness I have!!

view from the hotel last night 🙂