Summer Flying By

I can’t believe it is already July 16th. In my family July is “Birthday Month” as my sister and I both have birthdays two weeks apart. When I was younger, my birthday always marked the beginning of the end. Soon school would start, cabin and lake time would decline and before you knew it the Packers were once again dominating the NFC (raised by a Wisconsinite…).

These days not much changes between the spring, summer and fall seasons. I am still in Alaska, still training hard with my teammates and still balancing work, school and life. However that doesn’t mean the excitement is gone. My schedule revolves around our training blocks, 3 weeks on, one week off, allowing us three weeks to make fitness and technique gains and then a week to clear our heads and focus on the other parts of life (school, work, family time, etc.). This summer each block has two dry land training weeks and then a big week on the glacier.  Highlights of last week’s glacier camp include lots of soft snow skating, hard classic sprinting, an awesome last-day 50 kilometer OD ski and my first time hiking off the glacier down to the van 5000 ft below in Girdwood (talk about some sore quads the next day). The weeks leading up to the camp were filled with a big focus on double-pole classic skiing, some good-ol’ fashioned bounding intervals and a long run on my favorite trail in the world: Lost Lake out of Seward. I also watched Killian Jornet and Emilie Forsberg (and Alaskan Allie Ostrander) break the records at the infamous Seward Mount Marathon 4th of July race, and finished my three day APU Business of Entertainment and Telecommunications class intensive (class 8am-5pm for a three day weekend is loooong).

Looking forward I am heading to Aniak, an Alaskan Native village, to help lead a running camp and am hoping to finish lots of school work before organized training picks up again. Then it’s one more final push in summer training before we head into “the beginning of the end” and finish up our last summer glacier camp!

Zuzana Rogers-6585
Doesn’t get any better! Sports bra cool down lap
Zuzana Rogers-6604
Zuzana Rogers-6558
RJ Jr. always working on those downhills…
Zuzana Rogers-6599
The name of the game this week…Swix Rossa and Uni mixin’
Zuzana Rogers-6532
The tagzone is always a bit hectic in our team relays…Becca and I actually had a hand-to-hand high five tag off this time. Not exactly the most efficient but it worked.
This angle does not do justice to how large this hill is. But it does conveniently highlight how short I am...
This angle does not do justice to how large this hill is. But it does conveniently highlight how short I am…
Zuzana Rogers-6578
The Snowball Award ceremony post-interval/race

All photos are from Reese Hanneman and Zuzana Rogers. A special thanks to Zuzana and Advanced Physical Therapy for keeping our bodies healthy up on the glacier!