Photojournalism: new career path?

When you have delayed-procrastinated-writing a post as long as I have this month, the simple task of updating supporters and friends on your skiing turns into a monumental task. Since inspiration has yet to find me while the clock continues to tick, I decided to “photo journal”. Here’s my spring, scrapbook style:

Molly Burger came to visit me for a week and I put her through fitness camp (and had a hard time keeping up with her!)
Molly and I on the Turnagain Arm
Finally a healed ankle and back to running!
Lots of Hatchers Adventuring
RJ Jr. Crust Cruisin'
Jess, Sadie and I on #anotherbestday. Photo Credit: Jess Yeaton
Symphony Lakes with Taryn and Lydia
Eagle Lake still frozen up high
Rocking some new Brooks Cascadias thanks to GearWest!
Marine Dusser and I on top of Wolverine
Rabbit Lakes with Jess and Marine
On top of Little O'Malley during an Anchorage evening
Mackenzie Kanady and I on top of Bird Ridge
Finally, up to the Glacier for the first of three summer on-snow camps
A 5am view of the glacier once the first few days of clouds lifted
AND WE DID IT! 3 hrs of skiing later. Becca wins Best Outfit. Photo Credit: Becca Rorabaugh
Glacier Camp #1 Team
Amazing conditions on our last day!
Thanks for the rides (and garden snacks) Alpine Air!
APU Ladies after auctioning off our Seafood Dinner at the APU Gala
Corey Stock from Dartmouth is living with me for the summer and we are having a blast, although not all our dinners are this classy...
TEAM ROSIE on top of Wolverine. Photo Credit: Becca Rorabaugh
Hikes with visiting friends...near the top of McHugh
Bird Ridge Time Trialling
This lady crushed it while lookin' good