North Shore Livin’

What an incredible month it has been! I finished my APU summer course with a term paper on The Lumineers, one of my favorite bands. We completed our third glacier camp with the best weather I have ever experienced on Eagle. I traveled home to Minnesota for nine days and kayaked, fished, hiked and visited many old friends. Now upon returning to Anchorage we still start our transition into fall training, complete with more intensity and some hard time trials in preparation for the racing season. It is exciting to know that in a few months we will be on snow and back racing. However for now, I can’t wait for one of my favorite times of the year: the Alaskan fall. It only lasts about a week or two, but the colors in the mountains, the cooler weather and darkness (sunset and sunrise, what?!) contribute to marking fall as my favorite Alaskan season.

Lydia and I at the August Glacier camp enjoying the sun!
Beautiful, beautiful weather
Fast group of ladies after our last sprint races of “glacier season”

This past training period we focused a lot on double pole, not exactly my favorite part of classic skiing, but vital nonetheless. Speaking for the women’s team, I know a lot of us felt like we made a lot of progress in
strengthening this technique. Unfortunately, due to a calf/shin injury, I haven’t been able to run much so have been finding alternative methods to train. While biking will never be my first choice in training, I have challenged myself with some spinning and a form of mountain biking on Lutsen, MN’s gravel roads. I can proudly say that I might be able to bike up the APU campus hill without getting off my bike when I return. And at least transporting myself around Anchorage will be much easier with some biking miles in my legs.

My parents and I at the Grand Marais harbor on Lake Superior
Lake Agnes on the Superior Hiking Trail
One of the best parts of the North Shore
Photo Credit: Anna Frankowski
Little fisher sister
Lake Caribou from White Sky Rock Overlook
Sunset up on the Gunflint Trail. Photo Credit: Anna Frankowski

I owe a big thank you to Finn Sisu in St. Paul, MN, for helping me out with getting new classic rollerski wheels. With all the rollerskiing I have been doing new wheels have been a godsend in making the miles much smoother. If you are looking for Marwes, they are the store to head to! Now it’s off to prepare for three days of time trials. Enjoy the last few days of summer!