New Team, New Year

Training Camp number 1, complete and done. The US Ski Team would normally go to Bend, Oregon to ski on snow at Mt. Bachelor for the first camp of the year… but this year with the lack of winter in most areas of the Pacific Northwest, we were forced to switch to a dry land camp. With the US Ski Team “home base” being in Park City, it seemed right to shift our spring camp there. This way we could do our testing on the treadmill, and then finish up our 12 days of training right in Park City.
Camp began with the familiar spring set of tests: classic max, double pole max, BMI tests, strength tests, mobility tests, physicals, body screening, hemoglobin tests, blood tests… the whole fun series of it all. This amounts to two days of constant going.. but once it’s done, it becomes time to train!
Got to love going to max and flying off the back of the treadmill…. even if the treadmill always wins!
With the weather being infinitely rainy and cold, Park City felt a little different than our normal warm, summer-like fall camp. Regardless, we embraced the rainy situation and managed a great 12 days of training. 
Running through the woods on a search for some Sun Flowers!
We have some new members on the US Team this year, four new women. Two young women, Katherine Ogden and Julia Kern. And then two more women named to the B Team, Rosie Brennan and Caitlin Gregg. This means we have a women’s team of 10 people now. It is really exciting to be able to add to our six girls; with new goals, and a new dynamic. I have always loved the value of “team”, so it has been fun to add these women into the mix of training and team goals, and see what we can do! We have a long summer of training in front of us, but it is fun to have 10 girls on the same page as far as “where are we going”.

A team full of bright enthusiasm! (USSA Nordic Photo)
Ski Walking Intervals… the best type of classic training at altitude! 
Most of our training consisted of lots of roller skiing, running, bounding, biking, swimming, and gym work. With the shift from soft snow to the hard pavement pounding, my elbows have been causing me a little trouble. So, for me, this camp meant a little more running and swimming, and a bit less roller skiing. My elbows are really looking forward to heading up to the Glacier next week…. dreaming of a soft fluffy snowy surface.

(USSA Nordic Photo). Starting with the core.
Somehow “triple time” becomes normal at Camp.
Working on my focus in the gym this year.
This year we have a new partnership for our summer training clothes as well as our winter racing suits with Craft, and L.L. Bean. It has been fun to start working with these companies and share some enthusiasm. Both companies seem so excited to start designing clothes, race suits and, warm up’s. We spent a portion of our down time last week doing lots of video’s, photos, and promotions for this fun new partnership. I am excited to see what sort of stars and stripes they will put together for our winter attire!

Getting back in the rhythm of rollerskiing. (USSA Nordic Photo)
A bunch of crazy’s…. thanks Finnsisu for setting us all up with rollerskis! (USSA Nordic Photo)
Find a challenge… and chase that challenge! This year my goal is to finish my first tour. There are two of them this season, both 7-8 stages long. That means a lot of durability, strength, and mental stamina! (USSA Nordic Photo)
It seems everyone had a great break after the season with lots of adventuring, vacationing, and catch up with family, friends and sponsors. After spending all winter with many of these teammates now for four years, it was nice to get back together and catch up on the fun happenings of the spring. Everyone seems finally recovered, and motivated to get going again!

Lounging in the sunshine on our final day… the sun decided to visit us just in time!
After our hard 12 days of training, everyone shared hugs and departed back to our home club team’s for the “June 1st” start to hard training. After missing a long two week sunny stretch of Alaskan weather… Alaska has decided to go back to its wonderful rainy state. I managed to squeak two perfect days in though before it changed, just after arriving back from Park City. This made for a weekend of hiking and biking, soaking in some serious rays of Vitamin D. These will keep me happy and going for a few more weeks before heading down to Washington for my sister’s wedding!
Enjoying some awesome road biking in my secret neighborhoods of Anchorage
Hiking up to Exit Glacier with my brother, Marine and Jo.
Next up, a week of training in town before I head up to my first glacier camp of the summer. Who will be the guest of the summer? It’s a surprise… but a new country this year.!