Home, Home on the Range

Last week was one of the best weeks ever! My older sister got married in the Methow Valley, on a cute little ranch up above our home town. All of my family from both my mom and dad’s side was able to attend, so I got to have five full days of catching up and family time. It has been years since everyone has been together, so we all felt pretty blessed to be able to make it work! As a young girl, my summer job was catering weddings, but I haven’t participated in many myself. So, I got to learn all about what a wedding entails. I realized the most wonderful part about a wedding is how all your closest friends and family all gather together in one place to celebrate love; like a huge love birthday party!

Our newest member of the family!


Bridesmaid Additions
Ask a french man to dress cowboy for a wedding…. and this is what you get 😉 Jo, arriving to the Methow in style!
Maid of Honor and Best Man, speed walking down the aisle!

As the maid of honor, I also got to learn about what that role entails on a day full of chaos, excitement, and happiness. As my beautiful sister pulled on her stunning dress, got her hair and make-up done; and started walking down the aisle alongside my father, I found tears sliding down my face. I had never seen her so beautiful and happy ever! It was really neat! Not only that, we got one new member in our family, a new brother-in-law! I am pretty stoked to have Tyler join the clan, he is a wonderful guy!

Speech time!
Jessica and Kelly, our friends from high school doing our make-up in the sunshine.
A bunch of bridesmaids and a bride headed for the big wedding!
Our beautiful little flower girl cousin. 
Jo and Granny

With five short days at home, we didn’t have a whole lot of time, but we made the most of every minute of it. My cousins girlfriend caught the bouquet, so we are all hoping we get to do this all again soon!

The Kaley sisters and all the cousins.
A happy bunch of Bjornsen ladies.
Spending time with two of my favorite people out there! My sister, and my god sister!

This weekend I am headed down to Seward to watch the famous 4th of July race up Mount Marathon. Some runners from out of state/out of country will be there this year including Kilian Jornet, and Forsberg, so it should be nothing short of exciting! I have never actually been to the “top” of the mountain, so I am finally headed there this year to watch from above. Shortly after, we will head back up for another week of training on Eagle Glacier.

Happy July!