Nordic Nation: Clare Egan and Navigating the Pandemic

Thirty two years old and wise as wise can be. Clare Egan brings a calm intellect to the sport of biathlon. Speaker of many languages and head of the International Biathlon Union’s athlete committee, Egan is respected by her peers for on-snow performances as well as her leadership in the IBU board room.

U.S. Biathlon’s Clare Egan on her way to 29th in the women’s 10 k pursuit in Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, France. (Photo: NordicFocus)

We spoke to Egan earlier this month as she was training in Antholz, Italy with U.S. women’s head coach Armin Auchentaller. The real gist of the conversation was to determine how she had been coping with the pandemic and making a go of it as the race season nears. Like many of us, there have been ups and downs…but mostly ups. You can hear more on the podcast.

Clare Egan crossing the line in Oslo for third place in the 2019 12.5 k mass start. (Photo: ARD screenshot)

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