Adios 2013 in Photos!!

Wow, in just a few hours it will be 2014. How can that be? Where did the year go?! I must say, it’s been a pretty good year. Some ups and downs, both in skiing and in life, but for the most part I have had an amazing year. So I thought I would recap the year with some highlights and photos from each month. Happy New Year and cheers to a happy and healthy 2014!!!!!


582296_10151425825458417_323017770_nThe new year started off with US National in Soldier Hollow, UT. Pictured here in the skate sprint.

DSCN0550After Nationals I stabbed myself de-pitting an avocado and ended up with stitches in my hand for a few weeks.

DSCN0551But then I got some good no-pole sessions that got my legs nice and strong 🙂

tdtc-sprint-podiumI got my second SuperTour podium in the Tour de Twin Cities!


BMT-finishWinning the Boulder Mountain Tour in Sun Valley, ID by an inch.

IMG_8139Tagging off to Mark in the team sprint in Sun Valley for the win

I also raced in Aspen, CO and in the American Birkebeiner in Wisconsin, both of which I’m in no rush to race again. They were hard.

DSCN0602I finally got to visit my brother at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.


Aces-puck-dropReese and I got to drop the puck at an Alaska Aces pro hockey game in Anchorage

Not a bad race backdrop! The US girls contingent post-raceI raced in Italy. Not a bad race backdrop! The US girls contingent post-race in Italy.

IMG_9021Flying back to the US my plane flew over Greenland, which was an incredible sight! The ice field went on forever.

Overlooking Donner Lake in TruckeeI had a great time training in the sun in Truckee/Lake Tahoe, CA in late March gearing up for Spring Series.


It's a miracle we didn't fall backwards and split our heads open.I don’t usually delve into my personal life away from skiing too much, but in Truckee I met someone amazing who has made me so happy and changed the course of my year for much the better. Cheers PK, I love you. 🙂

It was a long, physically and mentally tough race. But I made it. Spring Series in Truckee was a warm slushy sufferfest, racing later into April than ever before, but I survived.

IMG_0162PK joined me for a week in Alaska where he saw his first moose!

IMG_9488I spent an incredible week in Selawik, Alaska, a Native village above the Arctic Circle with the NANANordic program bringing skiing to villages across the Arctic region.

Sunset the last nightSunset in the Arctic, around 11:30pm


Hatcher-skiMay brought CRUST SKIING galore!! pictured here at Hatcher Pass in late May.

may-blizzard-skiIt also brought another snowstorm, enough to ski up and down my road.

GNT-finishThe snowstorm was followed THE NEXT DAY by the annual women’s triathlon, where I crushed the run split by 1:40 despite racing in sub-40F temps. It was quite miserable, I assure you.


AKRFW-tongueoutRunning season started up with the Alaska Run for WomenAKRFW-ravenettesMy awesome coworkers, Emma, Reidun and winner Susan (L-R)

RabbitCrk-bailoutSki training was back in full force, with some minor pitfalls, mainly a river overflowing our rollerski route causing some last-minute bailing…the less glamorous side of skiing…

20130617-222112.jpgJune also brought a heat wave with several weeks of 80-degree temps that led to many a creek visit, even at 9pm!!

IMG_1183A solid week of Eagle Glacier training with splendid weather brought June to a nice close


Lauren Fritz 24th on the 4th–coming off the mountain in Mt. Marathon Race in Seward. Love that race!

IMG_1397Salmon season!! Alaskan specialty

DSCN0756A quick kayak trip to Prince William Sound with my dad and brother was a nice break from training.

IMG_6719Then it was back to the glacier for another badass camp with the US Ski Team girls and Norwegian Astrid Jacobsen


One word: AUSTRALIA.

IMG_9838It was my turn to visit PK in Australia!!

IMG_9805Hanging with the local mob

IMG_1549Of course, I hit two birds with one stone and put in 3 weeks of on-snow WINTER training!

IMG_1594Skiing the Bogong High Plains

Kangaroo-Hoppet13Racing my way to 2nd in the Kangaroo Hoppet, a 42km marathon race at the end of August.

IMG_0375Pretty amazing experience!

IMG_0947Making more friends.

IMGP0116And yes, I went surfing!


fall-rollerskiingBack home for some good rollerskiing with the team.

IMG_1912And some good long run/hikes in the mountains before the snow comes

IMG_1108And of course, beautiful fall colors and sunsets. Not sure if the leaves reflect the orange of the sun or vice-versa…

IMG_9264I had to say goodbye to a beloved member of the family. Star may have been 13 years old, but she was always a puppy at heart. She was a true running partner until the end, pictured here in May on a hike. I’ll miss you pup.


IMG_2055Off for two weeks training hard in Park City, UT

IMG_2122Deer Valley after a light snow

PC-ODrunOverlooking Park City on our last long run

IMG_2241Then back to Anchorage where we held a fun Fast and Female event and hundreds of girls turned out!


IMG_2386The beginning of winter brought PK back to Alaska for a few weeks before the season started

IMG_2393And more gorgeous sunsets.

IMG_2434Fantastic early-season skiing at Hatcher Pass with Rosie

IMG_2518Aussie boy’s first snow angel!

IMG_2566Winter also means COLD

West-Yellowstone-TokoThanksgiving meant it was back on the road for racing in West Yellowstone, MT that left more to be desired.

IMG_2597Australian reunion in Bozeman, MT

20131210-101916.jpgCollege roommates reunited in West Yellowstone, MT


imageDecember took us to B.C. for more races. Becca and I were psyched about the cool trails.

dec-sunriseThen it was home for Christmas and late-morning sunrises.

IMG_2785Was a beautiful white Merry Christmas!

IMG_2801Happy gathering of friends and making wishes!

xmas-cookiesAnd Christmas cookies with the little brother 🙂

besh2I jumped in a snowy Besh Cup in Anchorage (Charlie Renfro photo)

IMG_1211New Year’s Eve 2014 brings me full circle back to Soldier Hollow, UT getting ready for Nationals and yet another beautiful sunset across the swan pond our rental house sits on with a full view of Mt. Timpanogos.

IMG_1220Jack and Pete take advantage of the offerings of our rental house, including the canoe to explore the pond.

photo (13)Making snow at SOHO, stay tuned for more news 🙂

So here’s a virtual cheers to everyone! May 2014 bring you happiness, love and fun. Happy New Year!!!!!