2013 Drive for 25 – Cross Country

“A Goal is a Dream with a Finish Line”

If you are a fan of American cross country skiing, please consider being a supporter too! There is just ONE WEEK left in the National Nordic Foundation’s “Drive for 25”, a fundraising campaign that supports nearly every American skier in some way or another. The NNF helps fund skiers from the World Cup all the way down to U-16 training camps. I personally have gone on several NNF-funded racing trips and camps, and it makes a huge difference. My goal for the last week of the drive is to garner AT LEAST one donation per day. Whether it’s $10 or $100, your support helps! See below to learn more about the NNF and click on the image to go to my fundraising page for NNF. Thanks for being a part of American Skiing! #skiingnation

2013 Drive for 25 - Cross Country

2013 Drive for 25 – Cross Country.