What a Badass Olympic Skier Can Teach US About Work-Life Balance | FiveThirtyEight

FEB. 12, 2018 AT 10:01 AM

What A Badass Olympic Skier Can Teach Us About Work-Life Balance

These women didn’t just return to work — they came back to the highest level of a demanding sport, and all four are expected to compete in Pyeongchang. But Randall is doing so without the same safety net that her European colleagues have. And that’s left her facing the same challenge that many other American women experience: how to balance a grueling career with the demands of new motherhood. A job as arduous as being a professional athlete (or, say, director of policy planning at the State Department) has little room for compromise or scaling back, and that means that much of the parenting must fall to a spouse or outside help.