Swapping out clothes for a new season

It’s been a beautiful, fun summer here in Alaska and with the long daylight hours it sometimes seems like it might go on forever. But as with every year, the air has started to cool, the leaves are showing the first signs of changing color and, in anticipation of cooler weather, I find it’s almost time to start swapping over my wardrobe.

As a skier, I’m one of those crazy people that actually looks forward to the temperature dropping because it means winter and another ski season are on the horizon. I also get excited about colder weather because I have so much fun training with gear that I had stashed away for the summer, and it feels almost like Christmas to pull it back out again.


While I dream of having a large and spectacular walk-in closet one day, in reality, I have an average-size bedroom closet for storing clothes and training gear. I used to get away with putting all my jackets in a spare bedroom closet, but now that we’ve converted that room into the nursery there’s even less space. So instead of trying to jam in a year-round wardrobe, I’ve organized my clothes into two seasons: warm weather and cold weather. Of course, some pieces fit well in both categories, but there’s definitely a time for shorts and tees, and a time for tights and sweaters.


This past weekend I spent time going through my closet, packing up shorts and tank tops (although I always leave a couple out, just in case) and pulling out my flannels and fleeces, jackets and jeans. Even though I packed these clothes away just a few months ago, it’s exciting to see everything again. I put my favorite playlist on and make a little party out of it, even having a personal fashion show in front of the mirror.

Pulling out my sweaters and fleeces makes me think ahead to the epic ski days yet to come this winter. Already, I’m dreaming of getting out in the first snowfall and snuggling up to a cup of hot chocolate afterwards. I love feeling warm and bundled up, with the collar of my fleece pulled up to my nose and my hands tucked into fuzzy pockets.

Amid these daydreams, it’s also kind of fun to take a moment and think forward to next spring when I will be bringing the warm-weather gear back out again. So many adventures still to be had between now and then.


With my closet reorganized, I am motivated and ready to take on this next season. Sure, there’s still plenty of hard training left to do before the first race, but I can’t wait to get after it!