Kikkan Randall Is Mom Goals This Olympics

February 16, 2018

The advice for five-time Olympian, World Cup champion nordic skier, and mom Kikkan Randall following the birth of her son was to “take it easy” for six weeks, then come in for a checkup. “And I ended up injuring my back about a month after my son was born just getting up out of a chair,” she tells Romper.

A friend, who happened to be a physiotherapist specializing in postpartum issues did an assessment and found that Randall wasn’t using her internal muscles. “The load of just picking up an 8-pound bag of flour and carrying it around all the time was really doing a number on my back and hips,” she says, so she turned to Pilates to rebuild her core strength. The experience revealed a real lapse in postpartum healthcare. “I was a person who was asking my doctors, ‘What can I do, what can I do, I want to get back [to training],’ and no one had said anything about it,” she explains.

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