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Alison Hadden’s battling terminal cancer, but she’s focused on living her best life – as her best self – every day. Join her as she chats with resilient adventures, seekers, trailblazers, and exceptionally good humans as they explore what it means to live fully, because there’s “No Time to Waste” – for all of us. | More at

I’m sure you know Matthew McConaughey. He’s an Academy Award-Winning actor, a proud Texan, a Philanthropist, a new owner of Austin’s MLS team and most recently, a NYT bestselling author for his memoir, Greenlights.

What Matthew and I talked about in our conversation hit deep. We talked about my current cancer situation and how I’m doing what I can to make the most of it. We debated over how much fight to bring to life vs how much flow and how to know what’s needed when. And we agreed that the only certainty in life is death so you’d better be out living it.

In this week’s AKTIV Against Cancer Spotlight, host Ethan Zohn interviews XC Ski Star Kikkan Randall who three months after achieving a lifelong goal of winning an Olympic gold medal, got diagnosed with Stage 2 triple positive breast cancer. Learn how this amazing 5-Time Olympian and World Champion’s “dive” or “thrive” attitude and commitment to exercise helped her stay positive throughout her cancer journey.

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