Kikkan Randall’s cancer year – Part 4

Kikkan vs. cancer: A driven champion meets her match

Part 4, September: Exhausted but restless, Randall finds a growing new purpose.

Fourth of six parts

Kikkan Randall lay on a table at Providence Imaging Center waiting for a radiologist to enter the room. Her blue medical gown was a peculiar match for the over-the-top makeup on her face.

She had come to the clinic from a three-hour photo shoot, where her makeup artist used a heavy hand. The long fake eyelashes couldn’t hide her tired eyes.

It was three days after her fourth chemotherapy infusion, and its effects were sapping her energy and clouding her mood. Randall had not slowed down enough to account for the fatigue.

Cancer only added to the directions she was being pulled in. She even took on a new role, encouraging cancer patients like her to stay physically active.

Randall had planned her week while she was feeling well, hoping to make the most of her time. But it was too much, she said later. She needed to remember that she could not be all Kikkans to all people — the winner, the warrior, the optimist and the friend.

“I know I’m not going to feel great, but it’s hard to wrap your mind around exactly what that feels like,” she said.

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