How Olympic Skier Kikkan Randall Trained for the Olympics as a New Mom

Jan. 4, 2018

‘The goals are as big as they’ve ever been’


When I first started dreaming of going to the Olympics as a cross-country skier, no American woman had ever medaled at the Olympics, World Championships or even the World Cup. The sport was dominated by Europeans and there was no history to show it was possible to be successful. Yet for some reason, deep down, I believed I could become one of the fastest skiers in the world.

Skiing in my first Olympics at age 19, I got a serious dose of reality. My best result was 44th and I was minutes behind the medal winners. Young, naïve and determined, I still dreamt of standing on that podium someday. I was fortunate to have some coaches that didn’t think I was totally crazy and we crafted a road map of how I would get to the top step. It would take at least 10 years we figured.

So, I got to work on my road map. My progress was slow in the beginning, but I was always good at focusing on the small goals right in front of me and seeing success even in the smallest places. As the years clicked by, I started to see gradual improvement.

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