Getting outside with baby

The first few days after my son Breck was born – and my life changed forever – I spent a lot of time indoors recovering from labor and figuring out the routine of caring for a newborn. The days blended together, and I was astonished to realize that I literally spent four days inside, hardly touching that fresh Alaskan air. By the fifth day I was anxious to get outside!


Being new parents, my husband and I were unsure of what the rules were for taking a brand-new baby outside. We settled on one recommendation (also backed by our pediatrician) that as long as you keep babies warm, it’s okay to take them outside right away. Thank goodness! So, I snuggled Breck into his infant wrap, pulled my husband’s L.L.Bean Ultralight 850 Down Sweater over the top and headed out for our first walk around the neighborhood. Breck seemed instantly content, and I was energized just being outside.


As my recovery progressed, we were able to get outside more and for longer stints. I started taking Breck for daily walks through the neighborhood and then eventually to the trails. I went with my husband, with family members and with friends who also had recently become mothers. With Breck snuggled in a front carrier, it was a great way to get out with loved ones and catch up.


Our Thule Cougar 1 Stroller became a great tool for getting Breck outside. I started with walks and advanced to jogs with him nestled in the infant sling. I love that it protects him from wind, rain and bugs on our adventures.


It felt so good to have all that extra weight off my body, even though I was pushing an equal amount in the stroller. I was totally giddy to be outside again and took it as a good sign that Breck seemed to love it as much as I did. Suddenly, I was more aware of how green the trees were and how sweet the birds sounded. I’m totally amazed by how reinvigorated I feel.


As the days grow longer and my body slowly returns to normal, my mind is already bursting with the fun things I want to do with Breck and the adventures we can have as he grows up. With all the great gear available now, it’s easier than ever to get outside with your little ones. Parenthood is already off to an amazing start, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here!