FinnSisu selling pink Kikkan poles to raise money for breast cancer

Buy a pair of pink Kikkan Yoko poles and we’ll donate 50% of the proceeds to Kikkan’s favorite breast-cancer charity

We are big Kikkan fans here at Finn Sisu. That she’s a fantastic skier is obvious. But she’s also a special friend, and someone who continues to do so much for the sport we love. So when we heard she was being treated for breast cancer, we wanted to help.

When we approached Kikkan with our fundraising idea, she told us she personally didn’t need money to pay for her treatment, but that B4BC was her charity of choice. So here it is: fifty percent of the sales price (not the profit, but the sales price) of any pair of pink Kikkan Yoko poles will go to Boarding for Breast Cancer, the original youth-focused breast cancer education + prevention foundation.

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