Day 28 – Toughest day yet.

No video from the Day 28 recap.  I have fully lost my voice and it hurts to try and speak at all.  I have picked up a cold that has resulted in a fever, sore throat and loss of my voice.  Hoping it doesn’t last too much longer.  Early in the day I felt well enough to get out for a walk and took my son Breck to the playground.  He’s grown so much during my time away in Alaska.  We can actually use the swings at the same time now!

The day ended with a nice dinner at a friend’s place but I found that as the evening went on I felt worse and worse.  Breck did his best to make me feel better out on the porch.

Still rolling along.  Looking forward to being able to speak well enough to make the Day 29 recap on video. Thanks to all of you for the incredible support.  It means so much on these tough days.