Bustle.com – U.S. Cross Country Skier Kikkan Randall is Training for her Fifth Olympics & She has BIG Plans for Success

7 days ago

U.S. cross-country skier Kikkan Randall‘s first memory of the Olympics is actually set in her grandparents’ living room in 1988 — long before she made her own Olympic debut in Salt Lake City in 2002.   It was the opening ceremony of that year’s Winter Games in Calgary, but Randall, 35, can still recall the music and the cowboy hats that the American team wore as they entered the stadium. More importantly, she remembers deciding, in that moment, that she’d find her own way to the Olympics “somehow, in some sport,” she tells Bustle. Now, just a few weeks before the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics — which, if she qualifies before the end of the Jan. 22 qualification window, will be her fifth Olympics — Randall tells Bustle she wants to inspire more people to try cross-country skiing with what she hopes will be a very successful trip to Pyeongchang.

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