Time for Celebration!

After four bagless days, Kat and I received a call last night- “We have ze bags!!!!” The reunion was splendid:

IMG_6835 IMG_6837

Kat and I were so excited to get on our own skis and enjoyed a gorgeous ski around Ramsau this morning. We met a lovely Dutch couple who took our picture- everyone is so friendly here!!


In honor of our great day, here is a guest playlist made by the great DJ Franks herself! Use it to get inspired for your next workout, race, or zumba class (yes, you go girl). Or just to celebrate!

DJ FRANKS TIME FOR CELEBRATION (cause really that’s what racing is right?)

Gotta start slow…get some inspiration…then go knock it out of the park.

  1. Wake Me Up by Avicci. So you are awake for the race…
  2. Breakfast by Chiddy Bang. Gotta fuel up.
  3. Pep Talk by Kid President, A little post breakfast inspiration.
  4. A Mad Russian’s Christmas by Transiberian Orchestra. To ease back into the getting pumped mood, this is my go-to before races song.
  5. Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore. NO one can hold you down.
  6. Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty. Continuing on that theme, you won’t back down…
  7. Now things get complicated. If you are doing a team sprint, a relay or feeling particularly “team-y” that day: We Are the Champions by Queen. Team spirit, team domination.
  8. Now to up the intensity a bit, Remember the Name by Fort Minor. Memorize that chorus. It will serve you during the race, training or just whenever you need a boost.
  9. Lights by Ellie Goulding. Upbeat, peppy and she’s just awesome.
  10. All I do is Win by DJ Khaled. Does this need an explanation? GO FOR THE W!
  11. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. A great sing-a-long, a classic hit and a great reminder when that W seems a bit far away, don’t stop believing…
  12. If the race is longer than 10k, this one is a must: Staying Alive by Bee Gees. Sometimes all that matters is that you keep moving.
  13. Lose Yourself by Eminen. “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted. One moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?”
  14. Spun by Flipsyde. Fast beats=fast results. TEMPO TEMPO TEMPO.
  15. Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga, because duh, you are on the edge of GLORY (or at least you better be thinking that!).
  16. And the finale, the song that encompasses so much of ski racing: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor (metaphorically think that the “person” she is referring to as the pain cave of racing … I know a big far fetched but it works).

And honorable mentions particularly for Jess’s European season: Dark Horse by main girl K. Perry; Halo by the Queen B (Beyonce), and No Air by Jordan Sparks and Chris Breezy (Chris Brown). Happy listening and BAMF bombtastic racing!

Here is the link to the spotify version:

And here is song number 3, Pep Talk by Kid President (if you haven’t already seen this, watch it!):

“Its everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance. So get to it!”