A Summary of Adventures

I have been meaning to set up a blog with all my “free” time over the past couple months. But as it would turn out the life of a professional skier is busier than I had imagined; I have been living in a whirlwind of training, racing, and travel. The minute I get settled down in one place its time to pack up and leave for the next. It is an exciting lifestyle that keeps me on my toes, and it has really taught me to appreciate the individual beauty of each place I spend time.

Since so much has happened since my official transition to professional ski racing, I will have to summarize the past couple months. Luckily I have lots of photos, which of course are worth a thousand words each 🙂

I graduated in May after 4 amazing years at MSU in Bozeman:


(Bern and I with the best support crew! )

Then moved to Anchorage in June where I enjoyed a month and a half of awesome training with Alaska Pacific University Ski Team:


(Rosie and I on top of Mt. Marathon in Seward, & mountain biking on the amazing new trails at Kincaid Park)


(I logged some serious miles by running Crow Pass (24mi/ 39km) and Lost Lake (15mi/ 24km), two of Alaska’s most famous trail runs in the same week)

In July, I traveled to Falls Creek, Victoria, to compete in the Australian Nationals Champs and the Kangaroo Hoppet. I was National Champion in the 10k Classic and 2nd Australian in all other events. There was incredible skiing this year and I highly recommend Falls Creek as a summer destination for anyone who is overly- infatuated with winter!


(Tom and I on top of McKay on a beautiful bluebird day, & Kat and I catching some rays)

Falls Creek NatsPerisher Nats

(Before the Sprint Final in Falls Creek; Racing in Perisher)

I got to spend a couple weeks at home in Perth with family and meet the new pup, Kip:


(Willy Wally Kipper Snapper and I bonding, & my gorgeous cousin Emma and I- aka Dr. Hack)



(My favorite place on earth, Bunker Bay, where I got to see whales migrating and kayak with dolphins- a dream come true)

I returned to the US and spent all fall training hard in Anchorage with APUNSC. In October the team traveled to Park City to do an altitude camp with in conjunction with the US Ski Team Camp.


(The Team in Park City after a killer bounding workout, & hard at work at the gym)


(Rollerskiing up Glen Alps Rd,  & David and I on a running/fishing adventure)

In November I returned to Bozeman, MT, just in time for my 23rd birthday. The Northern Hemisphere race season kicked off in the last week of November. We had two skate races in West Yellowstone and two classic race in Bozeman. The races didn’t go as well as I had wanted, but hopefully I will be able to kick it into gear in time for US Nationals and racing in Europe. I had a ton of fun racing and traveling with the team!


(Birthday Crew; Got to catch up with Aussie teammates Casey and Kat!!)


(Racing in West Yellowstone)

We also got to listen our extra brainy and speedy teammate Sadie’s senior presentation online. She rocked it and is now officially finished with her degree at APU! Yay sadie!


(All in a days work- listened to Sadie’s presentation, found a psychedelic helium balloon for Rosie B’s bday, then ran ALL the way to Idaho for some extra birthday fun)

As it would turn out there are some very talented musicians on the team. Perhaps the highlight of my week in West Yellowstone was this number that the men’s team whipped together for Rosie B’s birthday. And here it is- as inspired by the lego movie- everything is awesome:

(Sorry for the bad filming, I am obviously clueless with this type of thing)


(Road tripping to Bozeman with David; upon arriving in town the first thing we did was stop at Granny’s Donuts, which are arguably the best donuts in the country…)

I have been training in Bozeman over the past couple weeks before I head to Nationals in Houghton, MI on the 28th on January. Conditions here have been amazing and it has been great to catch up with friends!!


(Anya Bean and I doing some modeling for Hanna’s Hats. If you like what you see, check out the full line up at etsy.com/shop/hannahats!)

So I guess you could say I’ve had a pretty amazing past six months 🙂 And to summarize, here is the biggest lesson I’ve learned:

About a week before I am scheduled to fly to a new destination, a sinking feeling accompanies the thought of leaving. I have come to realize that since this happens every time I go somewhere new, I must be doing something right. It means that everywhere I go, I have such incredible experiences that I regret my decision to leave (even when there isn’t much of a choice in the matter…).

Moving around as a kid, my mom always said that its better to cry over leaving a place than be running full speed away. It means your time spent was well worth its while, and she was 100% right. I now try to embrace the feeling of not wanting to leave, knowing that the next destination holds in store an experience just as memorable as the last.

That being said, I am SO excited to head off on my journey over the next couple months. Although I am sad to leave Bozeman, I can’t wait to be reunited with my teammates at Nationals and get some more racing under my belt before I head to Europe. If its true that the grass is always greener, then I’m lucky I get to keep switching things up!