Spring powder, peaks, family & friends….

Well, the hiatus, procrastination and silence is over!  Perhaps you’ve noticed a trend in my blog…… when things go well, I generally post more often. When things don’t go well there is often a period of silence. I’ve tried to break this habit as there is always something to say, even if it’s a simple lesson learned but easier said that done. 
My last FIS Marathon Cup race in Russia was over a month and a half ago and needless to say, it did not go well. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been that tired in a race and/or skied so poorly.  The two weeks leading up to the race I wasn’t physically sick but could barely get out of bed. Maybe it was a low-level virus that took its toll or maybe it was just the 5-month accumulation of international travel, living out of a duffel bag, and racing too many 50ks! All said and done I raced 18 races, 11 of which were marathons in 10 different countries. In hindsight the racing, combined with the travel was too much but live and learn, right? 

 3rd place in the FIS Marathon Cup 

So far my spring (and early summer now) have been dedicated to recovery and spending some time doing things that I’ve put on the back burner for a while now. The past five years have been a big push towards my competition goals and they have required a lot of dedication, commitment and sacrifice. Don’t worry – they haven’t been without fun too! But, I’ve done some fun trips this spring, just returned from an extended trip down to Washington to see my family, and am now enjoying setting up my routine here at home. 
Here are a few pictures for a quick update: 
Birthday presents: roses and personalized license plate decals 
In lieu of Hawaii or a tropical beach I opted to stay in Alaska for my spring vacation. 
Luckily the weather was on our side and so where the conditions 
 We had an awesome group which included Katie & Justin Libby & Zoe Roy
The accoms weren’t too shabby either! 
My Salomon Q115 where the perfect ski for the killer conditions! 
Rob soaking up the last rays of sunshine and powder before being picked up by Talkeetna Air Taxi! 
School visits – this time Teeland Middle School in Wasilla 
 Perfect Spring Alaskan Days 
 Preschool graduation? Caps and gowns? What is the world coming too? 
 Talking about my marathon season on KTVA’s Daybreak 
The boys! 
 Beach bike ride on Fat Tires – why not? 
Keynote at the Girl Scouts Young Women of Distinction Luncheon
A successful climb up Tikishla
High school graduation parties! 
 Alaska with friends
 More of Alaska with friends 
 Floral explosion in Seattle 
 A dedication of a new stone wall and structure at my Dad’s garden in Seattle, Kubota Gardens 
 Family hiking trip in the North Cascades. Four days of rain but it was gorgeous and we made it to the top of Castle Peak which is my dad’s 99th peak in his quest to climb the top 100 peak in Washington! (w/400 feet of prominence. He’s already completed the top 100 “Bulgar List.”)
Rob & his sister, Heather. Their first outdoor trip together in 13 years!?
Dad pointing at the top of Castle…. this is the only good look we had the whole time. Otherwise it was foggy with nearly zero viz… 
Then we went to Shaw Island to help my brother on his next “tiny house.”  He’s helped us in Hope and it was our turn to return the favor in the form of roofing, wiring, and insulating. 
Two fire fighters on Shaw Island: Scott shows Rob some of the Shaw Island volunteer fire fighter regalia. Scott keeps a pretty fun blog which you can check out HERE if at all interested. 
And more recently a new set of wheels compliments of Kendall Toyota of Anchorage. I upgraded to heated seats which I used today – June 2nd! 🙁 
That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll get back to writing about something with substance rather than just posting pictures…. but no one ever complains about pictures. 
What’s on tap for the summer you might ask? School!  I’m taking 2.5 graduate classes towards my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I have one course remaining this fall + internship (which is a substantial 600 hours!) then graduation. More on this later. 
 This past winter was a true test of endurance in many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally & logistically. I know I’m brushing over the synopsis here but perhaps I’ll feel more inclined to write about it in detail later. Thanks so much for the cheers, support, and words of encouragement.
Until then, enjoy your June, wherever you may be. 
Holly 🙂