Raclette to Rhubarb Pie to Siberia….

It’s “travel Monday” and I’m enroute to the last ski race of the year. Here’s what’s on tap for the day:


4:30am wake up
4:45am “hike” to the tram
Tram to the airport
Fly Zurich to Berlin
Fly Berlin to Moscow
Fly Moscow to Khanty-Mansiysk
Shuttle to hotel, arrive 1:45am, Tuesday…. I hope! 
Last week I was in Chamonix, France. Sounds awesome, right? I’m guessing it conjures up ideas and pictures of sunshine and powder skiing in your mind. But… it wasn’t quite like that. Instead Chamonix was grey, rainy, and had no snow for Nordic Skiing. Thus, I spent much of the week horizontal, in bed resting up for my solo adventure to Siberia. I went on slow jogs, ate Raclette with my host family, and wandered through French artisan shops filled with stinky cheese, lumpy sausages, beautifully colored macaroons, and endless tourist trinkets. The weather wasn’t even good enough to make the 55 Euro trip up the Aiguille du Midi cable car for the famous view of the French Alps and Mount Blanc so perhaps I’ll have to return someday for Chamonix to redeem itself.
Highlights of the week included: