Summer Training and Motivation

the middle of August already, which means a majority of the preparation for the
upcoming ski season is over. This can be very nerve-racking or very exciting,
but for me it’s mostly exciting. I feel more motivated then ever and that has
resulted in a lot of good workouts. I know that the fitness isn’t made during
the training camps I have three or four times a year, although those do help a
lot. The fitness is made when you come home from camp and your alarm goes off
early the next morning and you have the choice to hit the snooze button or to
get you ass out of bed. My coach sent me this Muhammad Ali quote the other day
and I think it pretty much nails it: “The fight is won or lost far away
from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long
before I dance under those lights”. It’s important to come up with new and
exciting things to motivate yourself. Here are a few things that have motivated
me this summer.

            The first and most exciting thing
has been my new teammates. I have known these guys since my first junior
nationals almost ten years ago. I take full credit for them being on the team…
well ok, maybe not full credit but at least some of it, because I tried hard to
get them to join me at APU. It’s been super awesome having them pushing me in
the workouts. They each bring a unique strength to the group and I do my best
to learn their tricks. I don’t think I have won more then a handful of workouts
this summer and I hate getting beaten, so I know it’s making me faster.

Reese Hanneman-4548_1.jpg

            The second highlight of my summer was going to France to visit my girlfriend and to train with some of the French National Team members. These guys are fast but they’re not doing anything special; I think that if we keep training hard and staying focused it’s only a matter of time before we can beat them.

            The third thing that has been motivating me this summer is running. I’ve never really focused on running much but this summer I have been doing more running then ever. I bought the book “Running for Dummies”  and I have watched a bunch of running videos on YouTube. I think I have improved my form. I also jumped in a running race while I was in France to test myself. I felt like I ran pretty fast and the guy that finished behind me said he use to be on the French National running team. He didn’t speak English very well, so it’s very possible something was lost in translation and he really just used to be on a high school running team in France. I did manage to run with the 2011 15km Classic World Champion Matti Heikkinen for about half of the race, so that leads me to believe I’m headed in the right direction.


Those are the three major things that have motivated me this summer, but I’m always trying to find new things to get me out of bed in the morning. Right now I’m in Park City at a training camp with the APU team. It’s been a really sweet camp so far. I have one week left and then I’m headed home to the Methow for my first time this summer. My mother and I have been planning a long run to an isolated town on the end of Lake Chelan that can only be accessed by foot or boat; it’s going to be 20-some miles through the mountains. I’m really glad I have been running a lot because it won’t be easy keeping up with her. She will deny it if you ask her, but she’s a REALLY impressive runner. She started running after having kids and has run almost every day since. While I’m there in the Methow, I’m also going to be putting on a roller ski clinic for anybody interested in improving his or her technique before winter comes.

That’s it for now, thanks for checking out my new blog and please explore around my new website. I will be trying to update it more frequently then my last one. Check out the Instagram tab for new pictures almost every day.

Also, a big thanks to all of my supporters and Sponsors for making this summer so awesome, I really could not do it without your help. We have one dang exciting year ahead of us; I’m going to do my best to make the most of it!

Erik Bjornsen