Olympic Race Schedule

I’m so excited to be here in Sochi for the Olympics. The weather is great, the ski trails are in excellent shape…. and the village is just unbelievable!! I love this place, I never want to leave!

Olympic Ceremony Outfit _ Erik Bjornsen.jpg


I want to let everyone know my racing schedule for the games. I plan on racing all of the individual races, which occur on the dates on the left. I have highlighted them in blue:

Olympic XC Schedule.jpg


The actual television schedule is a little more confusing. The best schedule I have seen so far is actually on my team-mate Noah Hoffmans website. You can check out that TV schedule HERE.


If the racing goes well, I think I have a good shot at being on the 4x10km relay. Thank you for all the support. Sadie and I are so excited to have so many awesome followers; I hope to make you proud in the next few weeks. I hope to see you all through the TV tomorrow at the opening ceremonies 🙂 And again, Thank you so much for helping me get here! I promise I’m enjoying every millisecond.