Hello friends, family, and blog readers,

Its been a while since I’ve done an online update so I should start by giving you a quick recap from my summer and fall…

To sum it up in one sentence; my sister got married, I ski trained a lot, I got closer to finishing my degree at Alaska Pacific University, and I had a TON of fun between it all! Here are a few pictures:

I tried to spend more time in the mountains then indoors. 

I bought some binoculars which has been a game changer for running off trails. Here is a picture of me trying to find a safe-ish looking route for the morning run.

Now onto current news; I’m in Gällivare, Sweden. I flew over here from Alaska a few days ago. It’s a few ski lengths above the Arctic Cirlce, which means it’s slightly darker and colder then most of the world. Since we arrived it has been nothing but perfect. The snow has been falling most of the time and the piston bully has been keeping the trails in top form. 

This is my first time to Gällivare, so it’s been pretty fun and exciting to see the new area. About 8,000 people call this place home. We are staying right outside of town next to the nordic tracks and the downhill ski resort. A few times it has cleared up and I’ve gotten a good birds eye view of town.

Here is a picture I took from in front of our hotel last night:

And here is a picture of Sadzarue on our evening walk.


The ski trails here are no joke, they are hilly, twisty, and fun. They have been making artificial snow to add to the natural snow. I feel like I haven’t seen this much snow in a couple years, it’s a great feeling!

This is a picture of one of the snow guns:


Here are a few pictures I took while skiing around with my teammates. Notice our new Stars and Stripes suits. 


The Rossignol ski service man, Simon Caprini showed up yesterday. He brought me some new boards and has been helping me get my fleet ready to go for this season. It’s been really fun working with Simon and Rossignol, the skis are great and the service is unbeatable.


That is it for today. I’ll try to keep you all updated throughout my season. I can’t promise a lot of writing but I take lots of pictures so I figure I might as well share them. 

As always thank you all for your support. This sport takes a lot of help from family, friends, and the community. I wouldn’t have made it very far without your help.