Finish land!

Ladies and gentlemen fasten your seatbelt because the ski season is about to start and things are going to get wild! This year, for the first time ever I’m starting my season on the World Cup. You could say I’m stepping up to the big leagues.

I made it to Finland a little over a week ago now. I met up with the rest of the U.S. Ski Team in a small airport in Finland and from there we drove up to Munio. Munio is north of the article circle and so there is limited amounts of sun right now. It feels like it goes from sunrise to sunset within seconds. The town pretty much consists of a gas station, a hardware store, a school, a hotel, and two grocery stores; which seems like one more then necessary. It wasn’t the most exciting place but we were just there to ski, so it was perfect. The hotel was sweet, it had a cabin like feel to it and it was located right next to the ski track. 


Most of the time we were there it was well below twenty degrees and foggy. The fog mixed with the cold temperature left a solid layer of ice on the trees which looked pretty cool! 


This is my first year skiing on Rossignol so I’ve been doing lots of testing. I’m super excited with the new boards, they are definitely a step up in speed and overall feel…. I guess that means I have no excuses for not racing faster this year. 


    Photo Credit: Engine Room Productions

On Tuesday we drove from Munio to Kussamo. I guess the World Cup has started here in Kussamo for a while, so some of the veterans on the team are pretty used to the flow of things here. This is my first time to the small resort town. I’ve only been here for two days so far but I really like it. I’ve skied around the race course a couple times now and I think I can say it’s the hardest course I’ve ever seen. The hills are big and steep, I’m pretty excited to get my stride on!

The stadium is spectacular! Today it cleared up for a while and I was able to snap a couple of pictures.


Like always it’s nice to have my sister, Sadie with me. 


I’m really excited to be over here! It didn’t happen over night, thanks for everyones support!

Cheers and happy Thanksgiving from Finland.


Question of the day: How much would you have to get paid to hit this jump?


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