Breaking Down the Points Barrier

Everything seemed to come together yesterday; the wax, the race feelings, and of course the nice ride from Mr. Marcus Hellner. After U23’s I was feeling a little disappointed. It’s been kind of tough lately, I feel very fit but the results have not been showing it. Yesterday’s game plan was to go out hard and try to ski with some fast people if I got the chance. It was about one kilometer into my first loop when I got “hupped” from behind. I had no idea who it was going to be, but I knew I was ready to chase whoever it was. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was THE Marcus Hellner. After staying with him for a few minutes I decided I wasn’t going to let him go. By my second loop, his third and final, he really started pushing the pace and by the end of that loop I felt like we were both sprinting every hill. He finally gapped me in the stadium when he only had a few hundred meters left. I wanted to go with him all the way to the finish but I figured I had better finish my race. I was completely dead but I kept going on an empty tank knowing that right then, I was sitting in top 15 and if I could somehow ski a decent last lap by myself it was going to be possible to score my first World Cup points. It seemed like by the top of every hill I was going to fall over and all I was thinking about was not screwing things up.

photo - Steve Fuller /

photo – Steve Fuller /

On every corner my legs were Jello, but somehow I managed to stay on my feet and make it to the finish in 18th place. This is by far the best race of my life. I’m just SOO excited. Thank you everyone for helping me get to this point. It has taken a lot of people’s help and a lot of people’s positive influence, THANK YOU! I could end my ski career now and be pretty satisfied… but at the same time this makes me realize that if I keep training maybe I can do better in the future. It would be pretty cool to win a World Cup medal someday 😉