Alaska Fall Time and Park City

The last month has
been really fun! This is my third year in Anchorage and I think it has been one
of the nicer falls so far. We did have something like 17 days where it rained
every day which sounds horrible but it wasn’t the typical Anchorage rain where you
go outside and get soaked within minutes. The last couple weeks have been
better and so I have spent a lot of time running in the mountains. I really
enjoy being at home in Anchorage and getting into a daily rhythm of training
hard and relaxing hard. A lot of my relaxing time has been dedicated towards
homework; I’m taking 12 credits this semester so I feel kind of busy with that.
I have still been able to get out and do some other fun non-athletic activities
though. My girlfriend won a certificate last year for a flight tour around
Denali (Mt. Mckinley, a.k.a. the tallest peak in North America for you non
Alaskans). It was one of the coolest things I have done since coming to Alaska.
Someone once told me that you couldn’t really see Alaska without flying; I
didn’t believe them and told them I could see Alaska just fine with my running
shoes. After this flight seeing trip though, I now know what they was talking
about. There is just so much open land in Alaska, and its largeness and beauty
makes everything seem small and insignificant; it’s crazy! 


Now I’m in Park City for a U.S. Ski Team camp. I spent the first two days in
the COE getting testing done on the treadmills. These tests are extremely
difficult, but luckily they don’t last too long. I was happy to get some good
feedback from the tests but now I’m excited to go outside and get some real
training done.