Winter and back to fall…

The weather in Anchorage threw a bit of a twist into my training over the past two weeks- a warm front brought rain, wind, and wiped out all the snow. Since the Park City camp that ended on October 19th, I had been skiing on snow. I spent one week at home in Fairbanks followed by two weeks of awesome skiing in Anchorage and Girdwood. The skiing in Girdwood was particularly impressive; the ski club has done an incredible job building a serious 5km course. 

Moose hunt became more of a grouse hunt.

Tons of kids getting pulled behind the 4 wheeler at my nephews 4th birthday party.

Oddly, while the snow has been melting, many of the ponds around town have remained frozen. They are perfect for skating on and playing pond hockey. Lex definitely schooled Tyler and I on our last off day.

My training during the two weeks with snow included a morning workout on snow followed by a PM run. I’m glad I kept up my running because of the shift in weather that occurred. With no snow to ski on and icy roads on many of the roller skiing routes, many of my sessions have become runs.

Getting a shot with Erik’s new camera for Ravn Alaska- my in-state go to airline company.

The transition in weather has been a saving grace because it has allowed my training load to decrease some. This drop in hours fell at a convenient time because I am currently finishing up a final presentation in my first Masters course at Alaska Pacific University. I’ve also been building some lockers to store gear in for the winter, as well as building a platform for my bed. Apparently my apartment has a history of mice… so I don’t want those little guys turning my sheets into a cozy home while I’m away for the winter.


Hoping Montana has good snow next week so I can get out and test my new Rossi skis.