Summer recap in pics

 Jess leading the ride in Southern Utah

Jess leading the ride in Southern Utah

This summer was great. I really enjoyed my summer and I don’t believe this opinion is inflated as a result of writing this blog from Finland. Over the summer I did a lot of the things I wanted to do- mountain bike more, train a lot, go fishing, go on my first sheep hunt, race Mt. Marathon again, and start a business.

david norris glacier

I went to Eagle Glacier for two training camps this summer. Training with the boys up there was fantastic with the exception of Forrest trying to hit me with snow balls.

The snow conditions and weather on the glacier were really good in June and July. Because of these conditions I skied more during those two camps than ever before. June camp I tried to torch myself knowing that I just had to race Bird Ridge after the camp then I would take a week off to set net for salmon. July camp was kind of the opposite. I came into that camp fairly rested because my post Mt Marathon legs left me immobile for a few days. My legs actually got pretty swollen for a few days to the point that I avoided walking up and down the stairs. After the race I had several easy days recovering and eventually healed with no long-term aches and pains.

david norris mt marathondavid norris jessica yeaton

Mt Marathon is guaranteed fun, but sharing the win with Jessica was a huge bonus. Luke also threw down in his first adult category race. Getting to know more folks in the Alaska mountain running circuit has been super fun and I am really grateful for this community.

david norris hunting

I did quite a bit of hunting (for me) this fall and came home empty handed. I learned a ton on my sheep hunt and I cannot wait for a second try next August. On a different hunt I got into some amazing goat country and saw lots of sign so I am optimistic for next year.

jessica yeaton fish

Jessica continues to land larger fish than I. Take note: check out the water dripping off that hog. Her etiquette is on point #keepemwet

david norris park city

Park City training camp went really well. This camp always signifies the end summer although this fall PC was snowy and rarely offered that last boost of Vit D I count on from Utah. I would post more training pictures, but I rarely take pictures during workouts. Summer training is a huge a focus for me and equally as enjoyable as my other activities. So do not be confused 🙂