On snow in Fairbanks

Uncle Norris

I’ve been in Fairbanks over a week and have just another week here before heading to Europe. When I decided to come to here Anchorage didn’t have the greatest skiing and Birch Hill was setting shallow tracks that sometimes drug through decaying leaves. Birch Hill is consistently the best place for early season, low-snow training. The trail maintenance/grooming crew can make near perfect trails with just a few inches of snow. I might have my Fairbanks bias, but it is also truth.

Training has been great. I had a few days of high volume and then a super good threshold set with Logan. We did our standard threshold course from high school except that we went way farther in ten minutes than we used to. Skate 5×10 on rolling terrain to get used to sliding fast on snow. It was an awesome workout under the lights.

Birch Hill

It has snowed so much since I arrived that even with constant grooming there is always at least a dusting.

Coming home has also meant extra sleep, amazing dinners, snagging sourdough starter from a friend, and seeing my nieces and nephews.

Ava in my old Team FAST vest!

Ava in my old Team FAST vest!

I’m so basic :)

I’m so basic 🙂