Livin in Livigno

I’m in Livigno, Italy with five other APU athletes. We are two days into a pre camp before joining the USST for the Europa Cup races taking place over the next four weeks. We are living in a comfy hostel with our own kitchen and within walking distance of skiing and downtown. Packer found this place and it has to be one of the best set ups I’ve experienced while in Europe.


The skiing here is incredible. There is one large loop going the length of the valley with pretty easy training terrain and then two shorter loops that have the terrain for a typical race course. We planned to adjust to the time change and altitude here because of the awesome skiing and affordable prices in this valley. Everything here is tax-free so six days here is equal to the cost of living in Switzerland for two days.

So much sun, but some snowy days are ahead in the forecast.

So much sun, but some snowy days are ahead in the forecast.


The team has done a great job researching the best ways to make this trip as affordable as possible while still making it conducive to racing and training well. We have also started an athlete driven crowd funding platform. Please check it out and support our crew! This trip and the races we will do here is part of the development needed to reach our goals of international and Olympic success.

Thanks for your support and reading!