On the Road Again: Nor’easter Edition

We’re all settled into a comfy cozy house in Greensboro, Vermont.

Actually, that was a short-lived statement.  We WERE all settled into our cozy abode, when suddenly the fire alarm went off.  After a brief search of the house, it was apparent that the problem was in a 2nd floor private corridor.  We’d not been using that part of the house, but now there was water just gushing from under the door.  After ascertaining a lack of fire or smoke anywhere else, I decided that going into the water was the logical next step, to make sure there wasn’t fire hiding back there somewhere.  I had a big clear Bliz shield on, my soft shell jacket, and shorts (because obviously I didn’t want to get my jeans wet!).  Just when I was about to take my fire extinguisher into the hallway, a bunch of volunteer fire fighters showed up and essentially the entire town of Greensboro funneled through the house and fixed the problem.  It was a fantastic community effort and I was very impressed by their teamwork, even though I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to dramatically charge through the gushing icy water and put out a hidden fire.

 But why are we fighting rogue (frozen) sprinklers in Vermont?  The SuperTour of course!  We came in two groups, both barely outrunning winter storm Juno.  The news channel hype about the coming snow was impressive.  I understand that people in big cities like New York just aren’t as ready for snow as we are in Anchorage, but all the warnings were starting to make me nervous too.

The PINK PART is spreading!! Run for your lives!  I am not sure what the bottles are about though.

The PINK PART is spreading!! Run for your lives!  I am not sure what the bottles are about though.

The East has been impressively wintery since we’ve been here.  Two nights ago, when the temperature was forecast to be below -15ºF, our inn caretaker and I went on a little late-night adventure to find fuel additive so that I would be able to start my Grampa’s diesel truck in the morning.  It worked though!  -17ºF and all we needed was a heat lamp, some additive, and a little chair cushion blanket for the hood.

The races so far have gone decently well.  Our first SuperTour weekend was all classic races, so I was very excited.  I had a good 20km last Friday (finished 2nd place) so I was very happy.  Sunday’s sprint should have been more my race, since it’s shorter, and it turned out not to be.  I was kind of disappointed with my 7th place finish because I had gotten too tactical in my semifinal and I knew it.  I should have just hammered from the gun, but I didn’t and I paid for it.

In yesterday’s skate sprint I hammered every round, and at least I know I couldn’t have gone any faster.  In fact, my lap times were within a second in every heat and the prelim, meaning that I literally went as fast as I could every time around.  I’d like to have finished on the podium, but at least I put it all out there.  After that 4th place, I think I’ve been in the top 10 in every single SuperTour.  I did get 11th in a disappointing 10km skate at US Nationals, but otherwise I haven’t been outside the top 10 in a national level race this year.  This must be a good sign!  It’s frustrating not to have won a race, but it’s encouraging to be improving steadily each year.  With next-year’s North American World Cup races in mind, it’s good to be steadily working my way up right now.

Today we have a 10km skate race, followed by a 10km classic race Sunday.  After that it’s time to hit the road!  We’re headed to Europe, and we’re trying to fundraise to pay for it.  There is an athlete-made crowd funding site that you can contribute to, and we’ll send you updates from our trip if you contribute!  It’s seriously all done by us, we’re trying to communicate with the APUNSC mothership so we don’t step on their toes, but it’s all been initiated and executed by the  athletes.  Please go to http://org.grouprev.com/apunsc2015 and check it out!

Thank you!!