NNF: Nun-chuck Ninja Federation

Well, judging by how much of my blog traffic comes from FasterSkier, you all know that NNF doesn’t stand for Nun-chuck Ninja Federation.  But when you think about it, the two organizational concepts seem to have a lot in common.  Ninjas are sneaky, right?  You never know when they’ll pop up.  If they’re involved in an ambush, their poor adversaries’ll never know what hit them.  If they’re on your side, you may never know what exactly they did but you know they’re out there, fighting in the background.  They’ve got your back, but it’s hard to give them credit for any specific thing because no one knows exactly what they did.  The National Nordic Foundation is kind of invisible too, and they’re definitely on our side.  They subsidize a lot of trips to Europe for developing athletes, and because we never know how much things really cost in the first place, it’s easy to take it for granted.  Sometimes you don’t know when they’ll show up and save the day, or give you a performance based travel subsidy.  They’re like batman; they have our back, they’re not trying to get any credit for their financial heroics, and they’re doing their darndest to help us reach our goals.  If you want to join the Nun-chuck Ninja Federation and ambush the financial barriers that limit developing skiers across the country, visit my fundraising page and make a donation.  Don’t worry Bruce Wayne, you can even do it anonymously.

Sophie shows her Ninja attack face... it looks like she means business!

Sophie shows her Ninja attack face… it looks like she means business!