NNF- It’s time to give some support!

I don’t mean to restart my blog with some nordic panhandling, but I do want to give you a chance to support nordic skiing in the United States before the fundraiser ends tomorrow.  This is an Olympic year and while the games are funded by the US Olympic Committee, European races that prepare you (World Cups, OPA cups, etc) are not.  If you’re curious about what I have been up to, I have been training my butt off, working through my first significant overuse injuries in my career, and the Olympics are my biggest goal of the year.  In order to be in the position where they are even a possibility I have gone on many trips to races in Europe, and those experiences were key for learning about international racing.  Those trips to Junior/U23 World Championships, Europa (OPA) Cups, and Scando Cups were pretty expensive.  However, NNF was there to help subsidize the trips and keep them from being overwhelmingly costly. There is no need for cost to be prohibitive for young developing skiers in the US, they should not need to miss out on key learning experiences because of lack of funding, and NNF is doing a great job of stopping that.  They have stepped up their support in the last year, and while in 2012 13 athletes declined to go to World Juniors, only one declined in 2013.  NNF is simply a grassroots fundraising organization, so our online gifts actually determine how much support they will be able to give over the next year of racing.  The ‘Drive for 25’ is based on the idea that if everyone who supports skiing gave $25 on November 15th, we would easily set NNF up for the year in one day.  Today is the last day to donate!! This graphic below describes NNF’s niche better than I can:


Please check out my fundraising page here!  Donations of any size are very welcome, as you can see I am also coming to this fundraising game a little late.  Thank you!!


P.S. This post DOES constitute the restart of my career as a blogger.  I have taken a brief sabbatical, but will be posting updates throughout the the thick and thin of this exciting Olympic season.  Stay tuned to hear the ups and the downs of one skier who is riding the very edge of the Olympic bubble:  don’t write me off, but there is not an objective selection criteria outside of World Cup results.  Without an opportunity to chase those results, and with so many fast girls on the US ski team, my selection would come down to making an impression at domestic races and crossing all my fingers and toes… and raising some money for NNF.  Well not that last bit, but it wouldn’t hurt.  Thanks for reading!