Adventures in Euro-land Part 1: Mapped Out

The last time I was in Alaska was November 13, 2012.  The last time I was in the United States of America was January 31, 2013.  The last time I blogged was… too long ago.  As I wrap up my tour of Europe I thought it might be fun to share a little map of where I have been so far… and elaborate a little about each place.

The first two stops, as shown in my last blog, were in the Baltics.  I raced in Madona, Latvia on Wednesday and Thursday, and in Joulumae, Estonia we raced on Saturday and Sunday.  The races didn’t really go that well for me, but I thought they were a step in the right direction after being sick for so long.  I felt insipid and weak in the distance races and just oddly slow in the sprint races, which I attributed to the seven or eight days I spent watching movies in Minneapolis as I tried to cough all the evil germs out of my throat and lungs.  One goal for the Scando races was to get back in shape and I had planned a training camp afterwards, so I didn’t get too worked up over my unimpressive results.  Sophie Caldwell was really killing it in the skate sprint though, in Joulumae she placed 2nd!

Sophie's second place podium!

Sophie’s second place podium!

If you follow the driving routes on the map, starting in Riga and going through Madona and Joulumae, you’ll get an idea of where we went during the Scando races.  This is part one of my Euro-adventure tri-blog-y, and it’s really just an introduction. If you follow the straight line from Riga to Munich it will lead you to part two: Mom and Becca hit Ramsau!  Stay tuned…

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