Steamboat Livin

As per usual it’s tough to keep the ol blog current when times are great and even harder when I’m in a rut. Not that life hasn’t been groovy, but not being able to run and having my heel hurt with literally every activity I do this summer has sucked a lot.

That being said, my heel is starting to show some improvements. Good timing too cause Steamboat got its first snow this weekend and running is basically all I can do outside for exercise. And whether I’m training legit for a race or not I want to get out everyday.

And I guess since my last post I moved to Steamboat to assistant coach the 8-12th grade Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club xc athletes. Super cool opportunity to learn from experienced coaches and share my knowledge with the kids. I’m enjoying working with all the athletes here and I’m excited to see them ski race this winter.

And apparently it’s only been nice weather since I showed up…. basically the nicest fall I’ve ever experienced in my life 🙂