Women’s 1-Day




The Women's Group program is for women who want to improve their fitness and skiing technique in a community-based group setting.  The group meets one evening per week from mid-fall through early spring with an emphasis on both classic and skate ski technique and improving base fitness.  The Women's program is a great environment to learn about technique, waxing, and training whether you are a recreational skier or looking to participate in community races.  For anyone who is completely new to skiing, please send a note to the coaches to ensure the group will be a good fit.

Summer sessions will include a variety of fitness opportunities including hiking, trail running, and biking! The group is open for all adult ages and abilities. We have a talented and professional team of coaches who work with smaller groups of women based on skill and fitness level. It's a group that has been open for anyone who wants to join a motivational fitness group (emphasizing fun!) and a wonderful, supportive group of women to be outdoors with!

All practices are tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Program Dates 2021/22

Summer Session: 6/8 to 8/10.......$180
Winter Session 1: 11/2 to 12/14.......$135  (Full)
Winter Session 2: 12/28 to 3/1.......$185
Both Winter Sessions: 11/2 to 3/1.......$310  (1st Session Full)
Winter 10-Pack (any 10 Winter practices).......$235


For questions about Women's Group, please contact Coaches