Junior Boy’s Glacier Camp


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I the applicant (parent or guardian of participant under 18) declare that:

  1. The applicant has met all the prerequisites required for participation in this activity.
  2. The applicant agrees to abide by the rules and regulation imposed on participants by Alaska Pacific University and it's staff.
  3. The applicant understands and appreciates that there are a number of inherent risks involved in glacier skiing and in accessing and egressing the facility which are beyond the control of Alaska Pacific University and its staff, and the U.S. Forest Service. These risks include (1) hiking in steep terrain on and off trails, above and below timberline; (2) river and stream crossings; (3) walking across snow fields and glaciers which have crevasses; (4) being near exposed ridge lines; (5) encountering extremes in weather conditions.
  4. The applicant understands that every care and attention will be given to the health and comfort of the participants, but Alaska Pacific University and/or staff can not be held liable for any injuries sustained which were not directly caused by their failure to take due care.    I hereby authorize the Alaska Pacific University staff or the project leader of the event to secure such medical advice and services as may be deemed necessary for the health and safety of myself (or my son/daughter/ward) and I agree to accept the financial responsibility in excess of the benefits allowed by my health insurance plans:
    1. Where the health and well being of the applicant is involved:
    2. Where medical advice has been such that further services are required-services which require the consent of parent or guardian:
    3. Where are attempts to contact the parent or guardian have failed or where due to the nature of the emergency there is insufficient time to contact such parent or guardian