I want to dedicate an entire post to the awesome partnerships I have made through my skiing pursuits. Specifically, who they are and why they are awesome.

SkinnySkis SkinnySkis is the premier shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for all your outdoor needs from camping to skiing to running, and everything in between. SkinnySkis is a vital part of the community, and to me, by providing ski equipment. When I was 8 years old, I was given a “ski like a girl” sticker with my first pair of Fischer skis. Today, I proudly display the “ski like a girl” sticker on my biathlon rifle as a form of empowerment and to show off the shop. SkinnySkis has provided me with all my equipment needs for the past 10 years of my racing career and I will forever be thankful for it. Be sure to stop by and say I sent you 😉

Wild Rye Wild Rye is an online and physical store front in Sun Valley, Idaho that features beautiful and technical mountain apparel for women-identifying outdoor enthusiasts from beginners to the pros. I knew I wanted to be a part of their community because they believe in inspiring people, environmental protection, and sustainability. They also believe in fashion and functionality so we can look good while we are out there shredding too! As someone who enjoys both winter sports like skiing and summer sports like biking, their company provides the goods for both. If you are interested, use code ZOE for a 15% discount off your order. Based in Valdez, Alaska but accessible through your fingertips online, is an interactive community that will teach you how to be a successful grant writer. This could be a side hustle, a full time job, or additional certification—the possibilities are endless. I value their mission to accelerate careers and create a welcoming community. I have been involved behind the scenes with this company from its infancy when it was an idea at the dinner table to the thriving business it has become today. I saw the potential in them, and now they see the potential in me. I am thankful for their support this season and I look forward to our future partnership. If you are interested in checking out their courses, use code ZOE for 10% off their courses, Grant Writing: From Start to Funded, and Grant Writing Unicorn Collective.

Nuun Hydration I have always struggled with dehydration, so I used to chug water all the time. What I did not realize is that drinking copious amounts of water was actually making the problem worse because I was flushing vital nutrients and minerals out of my system. To be dramatic, finding nuun saved my life! But actually, properly hydrating with the daily addition of electrolytes and minerals has increased my quality of life and overall health as an active person. Nuun values being gluten free, vegan, and carbon neutral certified. I am a long time supporter of nuun immunity, but I was just gifted the podium series and I am very excited to try it! If you are interested in trying nuun, use code FriendsOfTeamNuun22 for a 25% discount off your order.

Bucked Up In tune with health, I was not consuming enough protein to sustain my training. Personally, I hated protein powder because most taste gritty and dusty, and because I believed the stigma that protein powders are only for “gym bros,” not for skiers. But then I discovered Buck Feed All Natural Protein; the texture is smooth and actually tastes good! Based out of Utah, Buck Feed is made from deer antler velvet which sounds crazy, I know, but it is a regenerative mammal tissue that gives us all the protein benefits without hurting the animal as shedding velvet is a natural process. I am very excited to team up with them to bring their protein to skiers! If you are interested in trying Bucked Up protein or their other products, use code 20ZOE for a 20% discount off your order.

APU Nordic Ski Center During my time at APU, I have been able to receive benefits from their partners. This year, Odlo Active has provided us with the clothing gear for training and we look good! My favorite item is the wool lined ski pants as they keep me warm in the cold Alaskan winters. They also have a partnership with Hestra Gloves. I honestly did not understand the hype about these gloves until I was given a few pairs and, wow, they are the best gloves I have ever used. They even have a biathlon specific glove! I recommend these gloves to all right-handed biathletes. Unfortunately they do not make the glove for left-handed shooters (yet).

Family Of course, I would be nowhere without the support of my family. Be it financially, verbal support cheering at my races, or sharing my blog link on their Facebook to all their friends, I am forever thankful. If you are interested, they will tell you an embarrassing story about me for FREE!

Thank you for reading my blog and a final thank you to my partners!

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