Mount Marathon recap

This years race was pretty special for me cause my parents and sister’s family came to watch. I’m pretty sure they’ve never seen me do a mountain running race before so of course I’m stoked to have had a good day while they were in Seward.
The conditions during the race were super muddy and slick in the trees. I’ve never seen the mountain when it’s muddy. I visit Seward when it’s blue bird 🙂 The morning of the race my APU teammate, Forrest, showed me a new line up the initial cliffs, which was considerably better than my line in the mud.

So the recap: great couple of days in Seward. Awesome race, great cheering, and fun group of racers to spend the day with. I felt fit and managed to stay on my feet so it’s back to a big block of nordic training- once my legs feel good again.