Meat of the summer

Autumn. I’m going to do a bit of a photo dump from the second half of the summer. For a quick reflection I would say life has gone well the past two month with the exception of my mystery six day fever that included a day in the ER and ended with an IV. Other than the fever all other aspects have been groovy- training a ton, work is chugging along, visited Jessica in NM, revived the sourdough, went fishing and some mellow days laying low.

After my first fall roller ski time trial I drove north for a run and some fishing. Camped one night and luckily got dialed in on what the fish wanted to feast on.

Riding in NM with Jess. This three hour ride was all above 9k feet.

Helping out Healthy Futures with their kids race.

Fall colors are popping and I feel like I wore gloves at least half of my runs this week.