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Extension to summer

By David Norris | October 22, 2014

After a productive summer of training and adventures my training season is winding down. I just finished an altitude camp in Park City, Utah with APU and USST, which was our last major training block before the season. I OD’d on some vit. D with the expectations of my return to the dark, frigid north. […]

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Utah Training Camp: The View from Quarantine

By Becca Rorabaugh | October 21, 2014

It has become apparent to me that I must be reaching some well-ripened athlete status.  I can train more, I am less nervous for intervals, and I am nominated to drive the van more often than not.  I also get sick less.  Last year was my healthiest ski season since I can remember, perhaps my […]

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First AK Skiing & Birkie Marathon Partnership!

By Holly Brooks | October 20, 2014

October 20th, 2014 – first day on snow in AK. It was marginal at best but I was striding and gliding. The key was skiing in places that hadn’t been touched yet because as you can see, I was hitting the grass! So, I was ski/snow “mining” making sure to get the most out of […]

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3-Time Overall World Cup Sprint Champion

By Kikkan Randall | October 20, 2014
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What Do You Do When You’re Not Skiing??

By Kikkan Randall | October 15, 2014

Written by Lynn E. Paulson, APU staff writer I could hear the high-pitched, happy ruckus before I even entered the East Anchorage High School gymnasium, where the event was already in full swing. Over 200 girls, wearing hot pink “Fast and Female” t-shirts, were shooting hoops, lifting weights, walking slack lines, kicking soccer balls, hoola-hooping, tumbling, […]

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Returning Home to YOKO poles and gloves

By Kikkan Randall | October 15, 2014

From the 2014/2015 season onwards, I will be going for gold with YOKO ski gloves and poles! “We joyfully announce that 3-time World Cup Sprint Champion Kikkan Randall has chosen YOKO products to aid her in her pursuit of success. Competition is tough at the top, and victory cannot be achieved without the world’s best equipment,” […]

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A story worth telling……

By Holly Brooks | October 13, 2014

3022: A Mt. Marathon Story  You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? What does that make a documentary worth? Let’s just say, a lot. Especially if you’re as talented and dedicated as Max and Natalie are.  What am I talked about? Well, you know that crazy race Mt. Marathon? […]

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Three hundred and sixty!

By Holly Brooks | October 6, 2014

250 Girls + 35 Ambassadors + 30 Parents/Coaches + 45 Volunteers = 360… THAT’s how many people we had at Fast and Female this year! This was our 6th year hosting this event in Anchorage and I’m proud to say that Anchorage is (annually) the largest Fast and Female event in the world! And yes, […]

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Fall for fun- fun for Fall!

By Sadie Bjornsen | October 5, 2014

This fall has been following the general theme of this year, a whole heck of a lot of fun! It started on a more negative note…. 1 month straight of rain and 40 degrees. 3 weeks into it, I picked up a little virus that my household managed to catch, and I spent two weeks […]

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Work Hard, Play Hard

By Sadie Bjornsen | August 26, 2014

After four weeks of working really hard at finishing summer school, and training my butt off- I got to have the little “play hard” break at home with my family last week. I was in the Methow for only five days earlier this summer, so it was great to be able to sneak another one […]

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Website Up. Summer Stuff

By David Norris | August 21, 2014

Website is up and running. It’s practically like going facebook official. This site will be used to thank my generous supporters and keep any followers up to date on what I am doing. This summer has been great. Solid training, feeling healthy, adventuring, and visiting with family. Training on Eagle Glacier is done for the […]

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By Erik Bjornsen | June 21, 2014

It’s mid June already, time is flying! I’m a back in full on training mode, trying to build a fitness that can take me to the next level. The last couple days the training load really caught up to me, my legs are fried. Luckily I have tomorrow off and then I’m headed up to […]

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Disappearing For a Quick Month

By Erik Bjornsen | May 19, 2014

You know you spend a lot of time away from home when being back feels like a vacation. Even though I have been busy lately it’s just so nice to be sleeping in my own bed, catching up on things, and spending every second of my free time outside.  Alaska has been absolutely beautiful this […]

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Winter in Brief: National Title, Olympics, and the Near Future

By Becca Rorabaugh | April 27, 2014

This winter was a bit wild. It had some serious highs, winning the 10k classic race at nationals was the big one, but there were also some pretty visceral lows.  Hearing the Olympic team named, even though I knew I had no reason to expect a spot, was a tough day.  I didn’t expect to […]

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NANA Nordic in Ambler: Another Great Experience

By Erik Bjornsen | April 14, 2014

Alaska is a truly wild and magnificent place! I decided tomove up here three years ago, thinking it would be aninteresting city to live in while I attended school. The spring aftermy first year at college I decided to jump in with two feet. Imoved most of my belongings up, bought a car, and got […]

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Olympic Race Schedule

By Erik Bjornsen | February 6, 2014

I’m so excited to be here in Sochi for the Olympics. The weather is great, the ski trails are in excellent shape…. and the village is just unbelievable!! I love this place, I never want to leave!   I want to let everyone know my racing schedule for the games. I plan on racing all […]

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Breaking Down the Points Barrier

By Erik Bjornsen | February 3, 2014

Everything seemed to come together yesterday; the wax, the race feelings, and of course the nice ride from Mr. Marcus Hellner. After U23’s I was feeling a little disappointed. It’s been kind of tough lately, I feel very fit but the results have not been showing it. Yesterday’s game plan was to go out hard […]

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Adventures in Europe: Part 1

By Tyler Kornfield | January 24, 2014

Back in October, when I was laying out my season with my coach, I asked him how I should plan my season. Should I expect to go to U23s and race the second half of the season in Europe or should I see how it plays out and plan as I go? Luckily, he was… […]

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Comment on Ski Racing in Australia! by Adios 2013 in Photos!! | Lauren Fritz

By Lauren Fritz | December 31, 2013

[…] One word: AUSTRALIA. […]

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Comment on NANANordic Selawik, Alaska 2013 by Adios 2013 in Photos!! | Lauren Fritz

By Lauren Fritz | December 31, 2013

[…] I spent an incredible week in Selawik, Alaska, a Native village above the Arctic Circle with the NANANordic program bringing skiing to villages across the Arctic region. […]

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