Journey To Beijing Support


This winter, the APU Nordic Ski Team athletes will be fighting for spots on the U.S. Olympic Cross-Country Ski Team representing the United States. This comes at no small feat! Our skiers will accomplish this through Olympic Qualifying races held in the U.S. and throughout Europe.

In 2018 APU Nordic Ski Center sent 10 Elite Skiers to the Pyeong-Chang Olympics. APU Nordic Skiers made up half of the of the U.S. Olympic cross-country ski team, and made history for the United States earning a historic Gold Medal won by APU Nordic Ski Center Elite Skier, Kikkan Randall.

We are hoping to achieve more of what we accomplished in 2018, and we have the talent to do it!

However; due to the impacts of the pandemic, resources to support our athletes are limited and costs have increased. We are reaching out to the business community to help our skiers make it to the next step: qualifying for the Winter Olympics on our Journey to Beijing!   

To achieve these feats, it takes a multitude of resources to spport the team throughout the race season like ski wax, van rentals, lodging, food, uniforms, and more. APU Nordic Ski Center supports our athletes every day to help them achieve their goals, but it’s the added support from our community that truly opens possibilities for our team.

From the local level, we know the positive impact that the success of an Olympian has in our community. As businesses, residents, and supporters, we feel pride and excitement sharing in the Olympic moments our athletes accomplish! It unites our community to celebrate something that we have achieved together. From Kikkan Randall’s historic Gold Medal in the 2018 Olympics, we have seen first-hand the positive correlation between the success of Olympians, local community pride, and the engagement of youth in sport for years to come.

Today, we are asking our local businesses to help jumpstart efforts to help our skiers bring home another historic Olympic Gold Medal! Together, we will help foster world-wide notoriety for both the United States.

Your support WILL help the dreams come true for many within the APU Nordic program. Please consider donating to APU Nordic Ski Center’s Journey To Beijing today!

Please fill out our donation packet here: APU Nordic Business Support_HS Donation Packet to share your level of support along with contact information.

~APU Nordic Ski Center Elite Team

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